Our Mission

Our Mission

To maintain a partnership to promote and provide awareness, education, and skill building related to child seat safety in York Region (Ontario, Canada).

Our Objectives

  • To support and promote child seat safety initiatives of our partnering agencies.
  • To collaborate, co-ordinate and expand child seat safety in York Region.
  • To co-ordinate and disseminate car seat safety clinics schedule and information to the public.
  • To review existing car seat safety information resources for accuracy and disseminate up-to-date resources to the community.
  • To network and exchange child seat safety information and resources.
  • To support the Child Booster Seats and Child Restraints Legislation in Ontario
  • To continue monitoring and sharing child seat safety statistics with each other.

Our Child Seat Safety Clinics

Our Child Seat Safety Clinics are open to the general public. You can view the clinic dates here. Please note: some clinics are by appointment only, be sure to call and book your appointment well in advance.